For everything in this world, there is a start point. By the way here it is for me to a new world of light. Thanks to 'Johann Zahn' who seeded for this world long ago in 1685. I am a recreational amateur trying to grasp the concepts behind lenses, Excuse me !!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

vanakam, vanthanam, namoshkaar..

Gopura tharisanam, Paava vimochanam. u guys had enough vimochanam, let me stop posting temple pics... ;p


Vijay said...

WOW.. nice angle..
looks different..

Bharathiraja padam
nayabagam varuthu..
yen teriala.. :))

Srikanth said...

@ vijay,

// Bharathiraja padam
nayabagam varuthu..//

ithuku nee photo paarkamale irunthu irukalaam..Manirathnam nu solanum nu ethirpaarkala but please...enaku avar camera pidikaathu..

Vijay said...

I mean.. antha village effect
erukunu.. sari..
epadi vachikalam..
Bharathiraja script ku..
manirathnam direction la.,
P.C sreeram camera matri..
ethu apedai..

Srikanth said...

@ vijay,

enake thaangala...

Karthik S said...

your photos & negatives & PS rock man....

Srikanth said...

@ kathick,

welcome karthick and thanks for the credits, keep coming..

Anand Prabhu said...

nice shot.. somehow i feel it has high contrast.. may be my monitor :) the angle is really cool... did u tweak it in PS srikanth??

Srikanth said...

illai anand, it'a as such.. & nandri for the comments

priyums said...

Srikanth, Why have u removed the teddy?

Srikanth said...

aama enge....