For everything in this world, there is a start point. By the way here it is for me to a new world of light. Thanks to 'Johann Zahn' who seeded for this world long ago in 1685. I am a recreational amateur trying to grasp the concepts behind lenses, Excuse me !!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

give me RED... sure...


priyums said...

White toda red roses romba azhabu..fresha kooda irukku
Nice photo

Srikanth said...


m. that was ordered online and deliverd thru mail. i told you right. romba azhagaa irukum paarka.

srini said...

yaaruku da flowers order panuna???
next time niraiya roses with mulitple colors vachi pic venum.

Srikanth said...

@ srini,

i'll tell the person who sent roses for me. :)

Vijay said...

i know who that..
anyway picture was nice!!

Srikanth said...


nee vera daa.

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