For everything in this world, there is a start point. By the way here it is for me to a new world of light. Thanks to 'Johann Zahn' who seeded for this world long ago in 1685. I am a recreational amateur trying to grasp the concepts behind lenses, Excuse me !!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Raw Black and Raw White.

The average water temperature at Bondi Beach in summer is 21 degrees. The average water temperature in September/October is 16 degrees. to say 'warmer beach'.


simianroots said...

nice pic to hav a black n white touch

Srikanth said...


most of them are B&W, End of the day Experimented.

sreelatha said...

edho oilya irukkara maadhiri irukku....

Srikanth said...


vaama vaa..

Vijay said...

latha ku picture
aepadi erukuna..
oil la eruku water ah erukun!!

Nice B&W combii..
looks good

Srikanth said...



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