For everything in this world, there is a start point. By the way here it is for me to a new world of light. Thanks to 'Johann Zahn' who seeded for this world long ago in 1685. I am a recreational amateur trying to grasp the concepts behind lenses, Excuse me !!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I feel long exposures are always interesting.


simianroots said...

vaazhkayae alai polae!!! andha nyabagam varudhu

priyums said...

Good and cool..

Srikanth said...

@ shiva,

ok. comment oda everybody include their favourite 'alai' , 'kadal' song. ok vaa ? what ever song come to mind when u think about sea.

my song is - nila athu vaanathu mele - nayagan.

priyums said...

Thalatudhe vanam..There is no alai in this but I remember this song only.

Vijay said...

Na already pona
commentla solirkane..
another song..
Nama thalivar pattu
"Atho antha alaigal pola...."

Srikanth said...





srini said...

looks like snowy mountains to me venky.

Srikanth said...


u get diff feel when u use long exposures which you wont even guess in your dream. this is tot different. illai.

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