For everything in this world, there is a start point. By the way here it is for me to a new world of light. Thanks to 'Johann Zahn' who seeded for this world long ago in 1685. I am a recreational amateur trying to grasp the concepts behind lenses, Excuse me !!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water."

words in a million....


priyums said...

beautiful quote. Picture is clouds behind dark clouds..Cloud appreciationlai poi enna typenu check pannanum

Srikanth said...


let me also know.

chandru said...

good look

Srikanth said...


:) tanks anaathae..

Vijay said...

parkum pothu ore feel
bt the wordings are GREAT!!
good addition to the picture!!!

Srikanth said...


manisha illathathunaala varaatha feeling ithula vanthuduthaa..

Srini said...

nice quote supny unakulle ivalavu theramaiya haha?touching pic especially when u see it with that quote.


Srikanth said...


enkooda pazhagiyumaa unaku inum enna pathi theriyala. naan engeyo kelvipatta quote athu, naan ezhuthala. gyabagam vanthathu, include paninen.

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